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Division of Property

Division of property is the process of resolving financial issues at the end of a marriage or long-term relationship. Your lawyer will help you understand the role of Colorado law in determining your entitlement to marital or joint property. A prenuptial agreement can be a factor in these negotiations but does not settle matters entirely.

Regardless of how much money you have or the level of conflict with your former spouse, your attorney will fight to ensure you get the resolution that you deserve.

Child Support

Child support is mandatory under Colorado law. The state wants to make sure children have financial stability, whether they live in one home or two. Your lawyer will help you develop a child support agreement, including special allowances if the child has extraordinary expenses for medical care or academic pursuits.

If a parent doesn’t uphold child support commitments, it’s the role of an attorney to seek and enforce a court order to make sure those obligations are met.

Child Custody

Parenting arrangements are about giving children the support and care they deserve. The courts of Colorado put the needs of children first when deciding custody. A Denver child custody lawyer can help you to negotiate a custody arrangement that works for all members of your family.

Unfortunately, in some family units, an amicable arrangement is not possible. In situations of domestic violence, the conflict between parents or other challenges, a lawyer’s advice and representation is essential to ensure everyone is safe and their rights are protected.

Divorce is hard. We can promise vigorous legal representation, personal attention and a commitment to absolute integrity.

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