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Although there are guidelines in Colorado law for assigning spousal maintenance, they are only advisory. As a result, the courts have a great deal of leeway in awarding temporary spousal support.

Securing Financial Support for a New Life

Alimony, referred to as “spousal maintenance” in Colorado law, offers temporary financial assistance to a non-working spouse while he or she attempts to re-enter the work force following a divorce. The divorce attorneys at Family Law Professionals can help you present a strong case for–or against—an alimony award.

There are many factors that the courts can consider:

  • The length of the marriage
  • The non-working spouse’s expected ability to gain employment and expected income
  • The needs of dependent children, especially if they require full-time care
  • Age, non-earned income sources, etc.

Although Colorado is a no-fault state, the courts sometimes use spousal maintenance awards to deliver a more equitable settlement than would otherwise be possible under Colorado’s divorce laws. For example, when the working spouse has been a major cause of the failure of the marriage or of financial reversals, the spousal maintenance law has been used to further compensate the non-working spouse.

The nature of the Colorado’s alimony laws makes it especially important to have experienced legal representation whether you are the working spouse or the non-working spouse. The attorneys of Family Law Professionals will present a solid spousal maintenance case for you.

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