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Colorado Child Support Lawyer

Colorado’s child support laws are based on a formula that considers the income (or potential income) of both parents, their financial obligations to other children, and contributions like payment of health insurance premiums. You can get a sense of how the Colorado child support formula works here.

Determining appropriate child support requires more than plugging numbers into a formula, though. There are many variables that can affect the level of financial assistance that the courts consider reasonable. Family Law Professionals can help you identify those factors that are unique enough to justify modifications to the standard formula.

Beyond helping you negotiate reasonable child support parameters, Family Law Professionals is a that will assist with:

  • Modifications to child support orders
  • Enforcement of child support orders
  • Paternity challenges

There is nothing that causes greater emotional strain on children than on-going financial and disputes between their parents. Our goal is to keep these matters civil, and take as much of the burden as possible off our clients.

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