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When Divorce Battle Involves Children


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Unfortunately, when a divorce involves children, it also often involves a fight over child custody. Our child custody lawyers understand the Colorado laws and can help you achieve an outcome that is beneficial for your child or children.

Colorado’s laws regarding child custody (known in legal terminology as “parental responsibility”) are designed to provide for a cooperative arrangement that is in the best interest of the child.

Family Law Professionals will help you propose such a plan and defend it in court, if necessary. Colorado law suggests guidelines for shared responsibility and parenting time. Sometimes those guidelines are not in the best interest of the children involved, or are not practical for the parents. In those situations, the family law attorneys at Family Law Professionals can help you develop a case for a modified plan for parenting time and responsibility.

Children can be the innocent victims of divorce battles. We have seen a lot of those battles, and will use our experience to help you build a post-divorce future for your children that is as peaceful and secure as possible.

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