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Legal separation

Legal separation status is for couples who are not ready to seek divorce or the dissolution of their marriage, but feel the need to live apart. Because of the rights that attend to legal separation in Colorado, it is important to have representation from experienced attorneys like those at Family Law Professionals.

Couples usually seek a legal separation because:

  • They hold out hope for a reconciliation
  • They have religious reasons for avoiding divorce
  • There are employee benefits (like health insurance) that will be forfeited in divorce, but can be maintained in a legal separation


However, legal separation requires many of the same agreements as divorce, including child custody and child support arrangements. After six months, either party can convert the agreement into a dissolution of marriage—usually without allowing the other party to further challenge it. That means that it is vitally important to work out all of these issues in the separation agreement, rather than expecting a second chance if the legal separation proceeds to divorce.

Family Law Professionals has helped many Coloradans navigate the turbulent waters of both divorce and legal separation. When you need a Denver divorce attorney , our offices in the Denver Tech Center (DTC) offer a convenient location to meet with our talented and experienced divorce lawyers.


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